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DNA Smugglers

Lilly was not certain. Was the person speaking a male or a female?

“Relax, Lilly. In Japan ‘female roles’ are played by male actors in Kabuki theatres. Even the Oxford English Dictionary states that actor is to be used for both sexes.”

Relaxing, both began laughing and giggling as he, now in a male form, began tickling her. Or at least that is what it felt like to Lilly as he unwound her DNA.

Still not satisfied, he asked Lilly to tell him something about herself. “All human beings are merely actors performing on universal stages. Don’t be afraid of me. At times I can be human or an actor or an actress or whatever is needed. Please, tell me your story—the things I need to know about you beyond this DNA double-chained molecule. Begin with the first thing that led you to developing the folds-in-space travel. “You don’t need to speak. I can read your thoughts.”

To stall for time, Lilly started to tickle his body by unwinding his DNA. That strand she slipped into her memory bank. He was a copycat; he proceeded to store one of her strands in one of his molten-dust bubbles. To guarantee her safety, she needed to tickle his mind, by relaying her life’s story in an unusual way. She also wanted to have fun with her listener while she not only investigated his collection of molten-dust bubbles but also pried into his mind about lovemaking.

Lilly was doing exactly what he had expected. But how could her story save both of them?

Self-indulgent or not, Lilly will discover that her story was needed for both of them to survive.

Lilly will tell her story using conversations with Futurism.

Eventually each will not only understand the other’s personality but the depth of his/her advanced scientific knowledge.